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New Video by Dr. Weber reviewing treatment options for metastatic melanoma

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New Video by Dr. Weber reviewing treatment options for metastatic melanoma

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5/20/2020 10:21pm
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I think its from a February presentation, but Dr. Hamid just posted a link to it. There are a couple of other videos too.
This seems a great survey of treatments but at the end he also started mentioning new trials, which sound promising.

Hope this is useful and that it was not already posted.

Good luck to everyone
Mark I think this is a presentation at the same event on targetted therapy

Thanks Mark, Great Video...Where we've been, where we are, and whats coming down the pike. Might have missed it if you hadn't posted it.

The more times one hears data from different sources, the more impact it makes. There is also a certain degree of comfort and satisfaction knowing that maybe each of us have made the best decision in our treatments. The future definitely looks much brighter and more promising.
Thank you for sharing!

Great info. Always love me some straight shooting Dr. Weber wisdom.