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New Phase 3 trial in Melanoma that might be of interest to some!!!!

New Phase 3 trial in Melanoma that might be of interest to some!!!!

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ed williams
6/9/2019 12:33pm
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Any one that has been following the NKTR-214 + Nivo (opdivo) early phase trials will be familiar with NKTR-214 a pegylated version of IL-2 which makes it less toxic from what the early data is showing. The big pharma companies love to change names of things along the way so now NKTR-214 has a new name (bempegaldesleukin), I guess pegylated is in there plus leukin for Interleukin I guess!!! Here are two links talking about the new trial, and if you want to find out more data, then search under Pivot trial ( that is what the early trial was called). Have a nice Sunday folks!!!

For those that like to listen rather than read their information, here is a link to Dr. Diab of MD Anderson talking about NKTR-214.

Thanks for posting Ed - its good to know all the options and also I want to hear of new treatmenrs!

Hay Ed! hows it going man? Thanks for posting this, i may need to start lookin into other treatment options, my current Opdivo regement and now 19 bags into it is not panning out anylonger, (new tumors are popping up) im basicly still on it cuz it is keeping my lung tumors from growing, pros & cons...thanks again for the lead..

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!

Hi Mike, you might want to take a look at the Iovance Biotherapeutics(TIL's trial as well) with trials available at "The Angeles Clinic" data from phase 2 heavily pre-treated patients at ASCO 2019 in following link. First link is ASCO post followed by original trial article form 2017.

Here is another article about TIL's in general, there are a few different methods and locations that offer TIL's around the world.

One more for you to look at Mike, is a presentation by Dr. Omid Hamid of the Angeles Clinic in May of this year on new drugs and melanoma treatment advancements.