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New normal?

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New normal?

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5/13/2020 2:14pm
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Hi All,

I just returned from my 6-month derm appointment and he removed a small 2mm mole from my back. I've been going to this derm for over 3 years and religiously a follow up every six months. More often than not, something gets cut out during each visit. So far I've had one severely atypical mole which needed to get a WLE and another 4 removed which varied from nothing to moderately atypical. Given the size of the mole, and my history, is this the new normal for me? When do you watch and wait as opposed to biopsy? I didn't get a chance to ask the derm but as someone who doesn't have a family history, not a sun worshipper, and is approaching his mid-40s, do I go for mole mapping or just dread the biannual appointment waiting to get something else removed?

Anonymous - (5/15/2020 - 7:45pm)

You need to have confidence in your doctor. If you feel like he is doing to many biopsies, by all means find a new doctor. I am almost five years out with with bi-annual skin checks and my doctor never has done a biopsy. There are ranges with each doctor. You have to fee comfortable, if you have doubts try a new dermatologist, someone who has some experience with melanoma.