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New 4mm indeterminate Lung Nodule in latest CT scan

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New 4mm indeterminate Lung Nodule in latest CT scan

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11/17/2020 4:06pm
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Hi All,

Latest CT scans looked cleaned with the exception of a new 4mm nodule in my right mind. Oncologist says it doesn’t look “melanoma-ish” and not concerned but it’s too small to be certain and would like to do next scans in 8 weeks. I have one more Opdivo infusion to complete my adjuvant therapy.

This is my 5th CT scan overall, first time seeing this nodule.

I’ve had a nodule in my pancreas that popped up in a scan then disappeared.

Anyone else have experience with a single pulmonary nodule show up on CT scan? Did it end up being melanoma or was it a nothing-burger.

Stage 3B, Parotid Gland/ CLND, Opdivo

Hi Steve-I had a 5mm lung nodule called out on a CT after 2 1/2 years of OK scans (other history before that, but will save for another time). Lung nodules are not uncommon and often benign, the concern comes in when they grow. Docs said it was too small to biopsy so had scans again in 3 month intervals. It remained unchanged until 9 month scan which showed slight growth, still too small to biopsy. Scan at 12 months showed more growth, enough to biopsy, and it was positive for mel. I took Keytruda for 3 months and then a scan showed more growth so I had it removed with VATS surgery. It's now under evaluation to see if the immune response was working or not (sometimes the nodule gets larger before it gets smaller). I'm hoping I can go back on Keytruda. It's the only lung nodule of concern that has ever been identified. I'm just glad now that it is gone! One thing I've learned on this forum is that everyone's story is different. You'll likely have to be a patient patient until you get a definitive answer, but I truly hope that your nodule is a nothing burger!!!

At the very start of my Melanoma journey they found 2 nodules in my lungs before I had any mets. They've always stayed the same size. I wouldn't worry about it unless it shows growth on another scan.