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Negative sentinel node

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Negative sentinel node

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10/14/2020 8:01am
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Hi forum
Let you know my slnb came back clear which means I can move on,in what has been a challenging year. Will still have slight worries as it was done 4 months after I had my wle removed from back(12cmx4cm).Hoping they got the right lymphatic channel,will now follow up with 3 monthly appointments for 3 years and 6 monthly appointments for another 2.
Thanks so much for your helpful and supportive advice,it really has helped.

Take care everyone

tkoss - (10/14/2020 - 9:09am)

first mole looked wonky and biopsied, melanoma
second mole spotted, around 6 months later, same., wonky looky, biopsied, diagnosis.

my point, the 2nd mole went from non-existent to melanotic in under 6 months.

so i have last infusion Dec. i plan to get inspected every 3 months from here on .

mrbill16323 - (10/18/2020 - 6:04pm)

Agree. First sign of melanoma for me went from no visual to a major tumor in two weeks - nodular on crown of head. I'd go for the more frequent inspections.