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Need travel assistance advice.

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Need travel assistance advice.

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8/13/2010 5:04pm
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We were suppose to travel Angle Flight to Huston Sunday for a Monday appointment.  Angle Flight cancelled due to bad weather.  We can drive it but it is 18 hours one way.  I contacted Md Anderson and they  were proud of the fact they are contracted with Continental and it will be (with discounts)  $953.00 each.  Then I contacted my social workder at the hospital and she sent me to Financial Assistance.  They had no idea why I would be transfered to them and referred me back to Travel Assistance.  She then told me Southwest had a fare of $639.90 each but they were on contracted with them!  What the ***+)_(*^*&%*(&(*.  I called Air Tran and found 1 stop air fare on my own for $579.00 each. 

Any one else have any ideas.  Could you any feedback you might have.



You might try contacting Southwest directly.  I do believe they have a special fare for MDA.  Also, since I am not familiar with Air Tran, do they fly into Intercontinental or Hobby?  If they fly into Intercontinental, the cab fare to the medical center area can run about $60. each way.   You might want to take that into consideration.  Hobby is much closer to the medical center.


Jackie W



Most of the major airlines have special rates for patients and family.  I also remember reading that Southwest has a good program.

Good luck.

Jerry from Cape Cod

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