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Need help please

Need help please

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11/9/2019 11:23am
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My mom’s liver lesion grew from 1 cm to 4 cm and she is now in pain just below her ribs , She is not able to eat and starts complaining of pain even after eating a little . I am thinking it is due to the tumour growing , did anyone experience something similar ? Do liver lesions as big as 4 cm cause pain ?

MelMel - (11/10/2019 - 6:59am)

My largest liver lesion was 7 cm and I was unable to move my right shoulder from immense, sharp right upper back (under the shoulder blade) and shoulder pain. Now, it is under 3 cm and I still have occasional pain but it's much more tolerable, dull and I am able to move my shoulder. While others may disagree, I found diet to be crucial. She needs easily digestable food, as the liver is already taxed and working overtime to clean the body from toxins plus under stress with the melanoma tumor. Raw fruits and fresh, as well as cooked vegetables and soups are easily digested and provide essential nutrition. Fresh, homemade juices are extremely beneficial as well. I found incredible pain relief using high grade tumeric. Please remember that the body functions as a multipart machine and things are not isolated to just one organ. The illness, as well as the medications may affect the stomach and acid reflux may also be an issue. Proper diet is essential.
Hope your mom finds relief soon.

Affected - (11/10/2019 - 3:11pm)

Hi Sks2019,

Although it is my husband who has melanoma, my own liver stats are off the charts. I've had an MRI and luckily no sign of any tumors. I have been told that I just need to eat better, and since I am not an alcohol drinker, that means cutting out sugars and fats. I've taken that on board by cutting out my habitual eating of sugary sweets and have lost much needed weight; I feel much better physically now. Someone told me to notice that the much used phrase of "the essential proteins and fats" does not include "the essential carbohydrates". I have therefore begun to do some research on sugar, and as of yet I still need to find a paper that points out any health benefits from our intake of it. As diabetes also seems to be one of the side effects of taking immunotherapy, my husband has cut down on his intake of sweets just in case. Hang in there. Your mother is very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.

Best wishes,