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Moving on from radiation to Opdivo + Yervoy

Moving on from radiation to Opdivo + Yervoy

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4/22/2019 8:22pm
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So after almost of a year of Opdivo and positive results I had one stubborn met show up on the iliac (upper part of hip bone). I then had 5 rounds of radiation and waited the 6-8 weeks to find out that the radiation didn't help and the met has doubled in size since late Dec. My doctor is recommending opdivo + yervoy. I have done very well on opdivo with minimal side effects. I am hoping for minimal side effects with the new treatment but know the reality is that the chance of side effect are much higher. My CT scans stated Continued increase in size of metastasis with extraosseous necrotic tumor now 4.6 cm x 4.4cm previously 2.9cm x 1.6cm. Wondering about the statement "extraosseous necrotic"?? Thanks for any insight!



Hi Missy, could you give a little more information on the report that has the term "extraosseous necrotic". It is easier to make sense when in context with other sentences in the report. Best Wishes that the combination does the trick!!!Ed

Thanks for the reply Ed! The reports seem very short/shorter than normal. This is the whole statement about the bone mass. 

Continued increase in size of metastasis with extraosseous necrotic tumor now 4.6 cm x 4.4cm previously 2.9cm x 1.6cm.

This one is outside my pay grade, I hope some one else can help with their personal experiences!!!

Hey Missy,

Technically "extraosseous necrotic" means - "outside the bone" and "dead or dying".  So...I think your radiation did some good!!!  Though the tumor you have did increase in size from the 2.9 X1.6 cm to 4.6 X 4.4cm, that increase could well be due to inflammation and deterioration caused by the radiation!! The tumor now looks like it is outside the bone and made up of dead or dying material.  It still think the ipi/nivo combo is a good idea since this tumor didn't respond to Opdivo alone.  However, I am betting this will either disappear or just sit there as the lump of mess that it is. HA!  Additionally, we have learned that radiation combined with immunotherapy is much more effective than either treatment alone.  Lots of reports here if you are interested:  

Hope this helps.  Wishing you my best.  celeste

Thank you Celeste. Your responce does pull together some of the things that the doctor was talking about. I am feeling confident that ipi/nivo will top off a great treament plan and hopefully kick this beast to the curb!!

I have an iliac met and just finished 4 rounds of the combo. Very minimal side effects ( fatigue, joint pain.)  my recent scan showed it shrunk in half. It was about the same size as yours. I had previously done Opdivo for a year. 

That is awesome!! This is very encouraging. The pain has gradually been getting worse so I was not surprised with the scan results. I am feeling very optimidtic about the treatment. Thanks for the positive responce!!