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Mole Mapping

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Mole Mapping

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11/6/2019 12:55pm
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Hi all! I am hopping on to ask for some suggestions and opinions. I wanted to start by giving some background into my husbands family history and his own medical history. He is 32 years old and has had one melanoma removed by a surgeon. He has had many moles removed over his life with a handful that have had to be taken more out after the initial biopsy. More recently he has had two spots removed and biopsied. One came back as dysplastic Nevis compound type with moderate atypia involving the peripheral Biopsy edges. Whatever that means?! This can all be so overwhelming for someone with a little knowledge on melanoma.
Especially with as many moles as he has had. Our current doctor has asked us to mole map (rather me do it since most moles are on his back). It seems like a lot of pressure to put on the patient.

Do any of you have any insight into mole mapping being done by an office? Is this a worthwhile route? Where would you recommend?

My husbands father died at 32 from metastic melanoma. That alone is kicking us into action mode when it comes to my husband and our children, especially since my husband has had a melanoma spot surgically removed.

Moving forward would you suggest I advocate for Blood work or PET scans for my husband? Genetic testing? What info can I get that would help with more advice and suggestions from you on moving forward? We are nervous and at a loss of next steps and feel like our anxiety isn’t taken serious with this.
Thank you for any help!


JudiAU - (11/6/2019 - 8:33pm)

Mole mapping can be as simple as a few good pictures a year. I wouldn’t let it intimidate you.

What about some routine blood testing for TSH etc ?

Mockfamily - (11/15/2019 - 10:50pm)

Thank you! Can you give me some information on the blood tests you are referring to? I would like to mention it to his primary care physician.


Baby_Girl - (11/6/2019 - 9:16pm)

I do take pictures of my own moles and I go to the dermatologist every 3 months. I have a lot of moles and a lot of irregularly shapes moles (according my dermatologist). She suggested I have mole mapping done. They do not offer it in their office but told me about the dermatology department at a university that does do it. The first time I went was fast and just a ‘base’ set of pictures. I was given a fancy flash drive of the pictures. They said I could go every 6 months or 12 months. So the next time I go they said the process will take longer because the computer will compare the moles in the pictures and then a dermatologist will review all the computer findings and then they will provide a report/type up of any changes and that will be send to me to follow up with my primary dermatologist as to whether or not a mole need to be biopsied.

Mockfamily - (11/15/2019 - 10:45pm)

Thank you for your reply! Where did you get this mole mapping done? We are looking for a location. Would you recommend the specific place you went? Thank you again.