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message for Janice...who wrote me under the topic "Donna in Vermount" (Vermont)

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message for Janice...who wrote me under the topic "Donna in Vermount" (Vermont)

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7/29/2010 7:38pm
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   I think you are asking me why I didnt do systemic treatment....I was given that option along with the option of going to Boston for the ILP......and I went down for the consult at Mass General and felt the ILP was a good option for me....and I would "save" the bio chemo for "later" the ILO has an 85% "cure" rate.....according to the surgeon I saw who did the procedure...I was NED for 7 months after the anyways after two more reoccurences (now have had 6), the only treatment offered (other than clinical trials, which werent offered but I looked into and decided I ddint want to do any yet), was I thought I would do that again.....shut down the lymph channels as I have in transit (in the lymph system) mets.....does this help????

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