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Melanoma in lung, opdivo and cough

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Melanoma in lung, opdivo and cough

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11/7/2020 2:07pm
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My father has 5 metastasis in lung lymph nodes in the hilar region. He also had two tumor removed by VATS procedure in march which confirmed it as melanoma. In july he started receiving the Opdivo therapy. So far he completed four cycles. Three days ago he started coughing and it is getting worse every day. Could this be the side effect of the therapy or have the metastasis progressed? He is scheduled for a CT next week but I would like to hear your opinions because I am very concerned. Thank you all in advance.


Also, has pain in the left lung, with tingling sensations.


My father had a recurrence of melanoma in his left lung in May-June. He had been on immunotherapy before but stopped due to side effects, was NED and they were just monitoring. He was put back on Opdivo at the end of June but the tumor has grown slowly. He didn't have cough or pain. It is tough to tell if your father's pain is a sign that the immunotherapy is working. Since it has been a while since your father has started the opdivo i would advocate for another scan soon to determine the status of the tumor. Hopefully another full body scan to make sure it hasnt gone anywhere else. If Opdivo is the only immunotherapy your father has tried there are others available if the tumor is not shrinking/stable (yervoy and opdivo combo or keytruda). Radiation may aslo be an option, there are concentrated high dose radiation treatments that accurately target the tumor and do much less damage to healthy cells.

Hope you and your father get some answers soon and wishing the best!

Thank you very much.


Dry cough is listed as one of the side effects of Opdivo. If it does not progress, it is not an issue however you should definitely tell your oncologist. Since your father is having a CT scan any pneumonia or inflammation will be ruled out. I have experienced dry, unproductive cough on and off throughout my Opdivo treatment. I also have had a tingling sensation in my lungs and liver every now and then and I see them as healing reactions. His upcoming CT scan can prove if this is the case. Lungs have very few pain receptors so it is difficult to assess pain per say but you rather feel chest cavity discomfort and this may be in line with the hiliar lymphnodes shrinking.
Hopefully, the upcoming CT scan gives you some answers and brings you some excellent news.

Dear Melanie,

Thanks a lot for these words. It means a lot to me.
Dad just got a scan results and all the tumors in his lungs are shrinkinggg! I can't believe!! Thanks immunotherapy, tkank you!



Such wonderful news Ana! Immunotherapy is truly amazing!
Best regards to both of you and may the healing continue.

Awesome news!!! Your positive post is inspiring. I wish you and your father continued progress in your fight :)

Thanks a lot!!
And I wish you and your father good health! :)

Am glad for your news about your father and hope his cough resolves too. It took me a long time to have such good results on immunotherapy. Evan, I hope your father is recovering and, if so, that you can get a second opinion and I hope your father will be strong enough if new treatments are suggested. If your father’s health improves, then he may be able to tolerate immunotherapy. Best wishes for both of you, Mark

Thanks a lot Mark. I wish you good health too.
All this is difficult for patients, but just as difficult for their families.
I just wanted the metastases to be stable. The reduction comes as a bonus!
I still can't believe it, nor can I relax. The cough is getting better. Tomorrow the father will receive Nivo number 5.