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Melanoma , Keytruda, Opdivo with CBD oil

Melanoma , Keytruda, Opdivo with CBD oil

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1/10/2019 10:33pm
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My mom has a melanoma on her foot and got surgery last year.Doctor also took out her lymph node at her bikini line. After that she has been treated with Opdivo since JAN2018. On oct 2018, she has a CT scan and found that her lymph node is bigger so she got a radio active therapy and the lymph node size are decreased.

OCT 2018, the doctor added Yervoy to the treatment with a combination of optivo.

JAN 2019, the CT scan result indicate that she got one lymph node that seems to get bigger so the doctor change the treatment to be a Keytruda.

Now am so sad and would like to add the CBD oil 10% to her everyday supplement (4drops a time at 3 times a day)

But after trying to search info on this , it seems that it does not recommend together? Do you have any data or information to advice me and help me on this please?

your kind help will be much appreciated.


I posted this for you on my blog - but in case that is harder for you to find - here is my reply:

I am sorry for what you and your mom have been going through. I am not sure that changing to Keytruda is going to make much difference if she has already had Opdivo as well as ipi (Yervoy). Keytruda has about the same results, side effects and basic profile as Opdivo. That said, there are those for whom it has helped, even after other immunotherapies. The radiation was a good addition and hopefully it will still provide some positive effect. It is possible (though I do not have the info that you mom's doc has) that the lymph node is enlarged due to inflammation and infiltration of fighting t-cells, rather than melanoma. If the node does not decrease, and is something that can be reached through the skin, you might discuss a treatment that has been very effective in melanoma patients referred to as an "intralesional" or "intratumoral" injection. There are several: PV-10, Cavatak, SD-101. Here is a link that shows many reports on them:

As to your question about CBD oil, I do not know how to tell you to dose your mom. Further, while it can be helpful with pain, anxiety, and lack of appetite - there is no data that shows it cures melanoma or any other cancer.

Make sure your mom is being seen my an oncologist with experience in taking care of patients with melanoma. I would certainly ask about adding intralesional therapy if the node does not resolve. Hope that helps. c