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Melanoma Concerns

Melanoma Concerns

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11/10/2019 7:18pm
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Hello, I am a 14 year old boy and I am afraid that I may be developing melanoma.
Last year, my mole seemed fine. But during the summer, I have been outdoors a lot and I can see it getting way darker and slightly bigger, a little larger than the width of the pencil. There is also some asymmetrical parts on the mole too. I will be removing it on the 26th of November. I don’t know how to add a picture right now but if you would know how to then I will gladly share one. Please ask questions and give your honest opinions and information. Thanks a lot, this means a lot to me.

JudiAU - (11/10/2019 - 7:26pm)

I don’t think you can post pictures except as a profile pic.

But know you are following the right course of action to have it removed and biopsies, which the scientific examination of the cells to evaluate type etc. if the mole is concerning, something they do a larger, wide surgery to make sure they got all the cells. Know too, the melanoma is extremely rare in teens.

Best of luck.

MelanomaMike - (11/10/2019 - 10:33pm)

Hay youngster Anonymous, im glad that at your tender age of 14 you had the "know how" to search us out, a place that deals with cancer "and" join our forum! Amazing! Kudos to you kid....I hope your not part of this group very long, we hope your minor surgery/biopsy (they will test it) hopefully its just dried candy (tootsie role) or food thats been stuck there for the summer...There is a way to post photos but youde have to create a link like you may see folks do here to present study/data even photos, information (links to websites) then, cut and paste it here when you want us to view it, i think Pacaso does it...keep us posted little dude, man! 14? I hope its nuthin...

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