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Melanoma on the back of my leg.

Melanoma on the back of my leg.

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1/8/2019 8:40pm
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Hello I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with melanoma. I had a removal of the melanoma and 7 lymph nodes removed for biopsy. One lymph node came back positive for cancer. I recently had a petscan and a spot showed up under the melanoma removal site deep in the muscle in my leg. I am supposed to start my treatments for the melanoma because I am BRAF positive before February but they won’t do anything until they figure out my leg. Looking for advise or things that may help.  


Thank you 

I am sorry you are dealing with all this.  There are many kind, generous and knowledgeable supportive peeps on this forum that will help you get through this.

At this moment, my best advice is that you make sure you are being seen by an oncologist who is very familiar with melanoma.  Things have changed a great deal in melanoma care since 2011.  Here is a primer regarding current basic melanoma treatments I put together that you may find helpful:  

As I can best understand from what you've written, you are currently Stage III.  It sounds as though something lit up on your scan within your musculature and they don't know what it is.  If is important to know if there is in fact melanoma beyond your one node, because you would possibly be Stage IV if that is so.  Different treatment options are available for Stage III vs Stage IV patients.  Lot's of NON melanoma things can light up on scans.  I would assume that your docs would do a guided biopsy very soon to determine what else (if anything) you are dealing with.  Perhaps they will want to watch and rescan.  But, whatever they are thinking, you need to have a clear plan of action that you are comfortable with.  Ask more questions as you have the need.  I wish you my best.  celeste


So my surgeon will not operate on my leg because the 8 mm spot in the muscle in my leg is too small to pin point. They tried to do a ultrasound biopsy and could not see it but the report and pet scan did not match. They did a MRI of my leg to verify the location. In the mean time my oncologist wanted me to start the Tafinlar and mekinist combo but because there is still something in my leg she is suggesting I start immunotherapy. I am now being sent to Sunnybrook hospital for a second opinion regarding treatment.