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Melanoma and then Lymphoma?

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Melanoma and then Lymphoma?

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12/17/2019 3:34pm
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Hi! I have been on this board and website in the past when I was going through my treatment, and I am finally ready to join as it was IMMENSELY helpful for me :)

If you read my information on my page, it'll give all the details of my hx and dx and whatnot, but I had Stage IIIA melanoma a few years ago and went through Interferon and whatnot (I am 24 now, so about 20/21 when I went through treatment, etc.).

I was just wanting to reach out to see if anyone has had the (unfortunate) experience of acquiring a secondary cancer of Lymphoma post melanoma and treatment? I have had a node in the right side of my neck (I think one of the jugulodigastric nodes) that has been swollen for months and months and I am finally going in January early (new job = new insurance effective Jan. 1, so had to wait) for a CT scan per my oncologist after I explained my issues. I have been extremely fatigued, no other symptoms of cold (aside from fatigue), some night sweats which is super abnormal for me, and the lymph node has grown and is immovable and painless. Obviously I am sure you can all understand my concern even if it is just an infection! But just wanted to see if anyone has any insight or experience on secondary cancers, specifically Lymphoma, after having melanoma.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!!

Kindly, Julia

Becky - (12/17/2019 - 4:45pm)

Hi Julia
I just want to say, my son's dx and treatment was almost exactly like yours, only in 2009. He as 20, about to turn 21 and in college. Did a year of interferon ( took a semester off but still graduated in 4 years!) . He did have a swollen lymph node after that year and they did a needle biopsy and it was nothing...maybe just a reactive node from a virus. Hoping yours is the same!


Hi Becky!

Wow - that is so crazy that your son's dx and tx were so so similiar (in age, too!). Definitely have felt pretty alone in this, so I am thankful that I am not. I am just sorry you and your son had to go through it all. I know my mom was a rockstar and I am so thankful for her continuous support. I am certain you were and still are a rockstar for your son, too! Well that is most certainly reassuring. Thank you for your response! Fingers crossed its nothing.

Again, I super appreciate your response! Wishing you and your family all the best.



I am also 3a. I noticed a swollen node on the opposite side of my primary approximately 6 months after surgery. My ENT ensured me it was not related and ordered a CT. The results came back as negative (3 years ago). Apparently it alway been swollen and I never noticed it.

Hopefully yours is similar

Best wishes

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

So thankful to hear it was negative, shew!!! Our bodies are magnificent and terrifying at the same time. Hoping mine is the same!
Thank you so very much for your response!

Take care!