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Mektovi/Braftovi Targeted Drug Results

Mektovi/Braftovi Targeted Drug Results

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1/11/2019 2:59pm
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I am currently on these new targeted drugs and they are working in controlling my melanoma. However I have heard that with these drugs and other inhibitors, that when they no longer are effective that switching to an imunotherapy drug may no longer be an option as the cancer will be able to beat the imunotherapy drug. Has anyone seen research articles on this issue?

Actually, targeted therapy (BRAF/MEK inhibitors....there are several combo's) is often used to decrease tumor burden and then the patient is switched to immunotherapy BEFORE tumors have learned tumor work-around to GOOD effect.  The idea is to get the rapid response that targeted therapy can attain for BRAF positive patients rapidly followed by the durable effects of immunotherapy.

Here are lots of articles on BRAF inhibitors:  

Here are some articles on your combo specifically:  

Hope that helps.  Celeste

Hi Anon, not trying to not answer the question directly but it is a hard question to answer. Here are a couple of links that talk about the topic in general from 2018 ASCO, peer panel of leading melanoma oncologists. Just to add, they haven't run trials in a manner to directly answer your question where one arm would be on immunotherapy and other arm on targeted then switch at progression. One solution that is being explored is combining the two at the same time with triplet trials being run of Pd-1 + targeted therapy together.   

First link didn't work, try it again. Plus add a second link from 2017 ASCO that gets into your question on which first or can I change to Immunotherapy from targeted.

I will try that one again, third time is the charm, went to youtube not onclive this time.