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Mektovi/Braftovi Targeted Drug Side Effects

Mektovi/Braftovi Targeted Drug Side Effects

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1/11/2019 3:32pm
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Calling all Mektovi/Braftovi users. Have anyone experienced weak muscle or tendon side effects from this Targeted Drugs. Shortly after starting on these targeted drugs I experienced a torn Supraspenatus "rotator" tendon tear, in addition to tendonitis of my elbow. I have read that these cancer inhibitors do create muscle weakness and some tendon weakness, mostly Achilis tendons but never any mention about potential rotator cuff tendon issues. My tear probably is related to many years of a poor golf swing but just wanted to see if anyone else has had shoulder tendon issues that possibly could be caused by these drugs. Thanks

Anonymous - (5/9/2019 - 10:24am)

Can you give some latest updates how 's your reaction to this combination of Braftovi/Mektovi?
Are you still on this treatment?