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Medical marijuana during immunotherapy

Medical marijuana during immunotherapy

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7/11/2019 1:37am
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Does medical marijuana interfere with immunotherapy?

Darla hauck

I don't know, but I didn't get any guidelines to avoid alcohol or anything else (even illicit drugs, though that wouldn't have applied to me). I did read something in the clinical trial contract about checking with the study nurse before getting a flu shot, but not till after the fact.

This topic has very little data, but there was a retrospective study of 140 patients from Israel presented at ESMO in 2017. I will let you read the information for yourself and draw what conclusions you may!!!

Hi Darla, like Ed W. just said, here in America theres very little studies on Marijuana (THC) and cancer/cancer drugs, on a federal level its considered a bad, bad drug and to get study funding is VERY HARD...but, as weve witnessed in recent years, laws are changing & maybe soon researchers can have the funding "Green Light" (pun intended) to see if it helps or interferes with cancer drugs, we know it helps with side effects!! Atleast i do, CBD/THC oils...wait and see!!

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