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Looking for advice

Looking for advice

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8/14/2019 7:53pm
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Hello, I am looking for advice on immunotherapy. I am stage 3A and recently found out that my melanoma has the BRAF gene. But I am worried about the side affects. I am also a type one diabetic with celiacs disease so I really don’t need any more issues. If anyone could inform me of what they experienced during the immunotherapy if would really help my decision making. My oncologist also told me that there isn’t enough studies that suggest the immunotherapy would be beneficial for a stage 3A.

Amanda Thigpen

ed williams - (8/14/2019 - 8:31pm)

Hi Amanda, when patients have other health issues it is best to get advice from a melanoma expert that has treated patients with similar issues. 3a is tough, and watching and close monitoring by oncologist is a reasonable way to go but on the other hand some folks can't stand doing nothing when there are options. Here are two links, first on is to Onclive and there is a series of 6 or 7 video's on stage 3 issues. You need to join (free and no spam) and the second link is to article about keynote054 trial of pembrolizumab vs placebo and there are stats and data for 3a patients since they were included in the trial. Good luck with making decision!!! Ed