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Likely recurrence......and I just got engaged

Likely recurrence......and I just got engaged

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10/17/2019 5:15pm
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From December 2015: First post, first time here. Diagnosed with scalp (crown) melanoma, 1.65mm depth, no ulceration, December 2015. CT and PET were clear, SLNB resulted in removal and biopsy of 11 LN, all clear. Excision of scalp with clean margins (skin graft from thigh).

The path report says mitosis however my derm and surgeon say recurrence likelihood is low.

Yesterday, 10/16/2019, almost 4 years later with no other issues: I noticed a pink smooth bump in the center of my WLE scar, very near original mel. Went to derm who said considering where it is we want to biopsy it but was "not concerned". After removing it she said there was no discoloration at the site after collecting the tissue. I am hoping "not concerned" means unlikely to be melanoma return.

Oh boy, here I go again, I am trying not to be afraid. Is this ever something other than melanoma? It didn't look like the previous but I know mel comes in all kinds of shapes and colors. I just got engaged to the most wonderful lady in the world and have several trips planned. Hoping I will get to see these through.

Has anyone had what looked like recurrence not be melanoma?

My answer - as noted to your post above. Attain the results of the biopsy you seem to have had done. Of course it could be lots of other things. But, even if it is melanoma - LIVE LARGE. Still here after brain and lung mets in 2010. Not only here, but NED for melanoma. Hoping it is negative for melanoma and that is absolutely a possibility. However, there is still life, love and dreams fulfilled AFTER melanoma. So you have every reason for hope either way. Celeste