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Lentiginous Junctional Melanocytic Proliferation

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Lentiginous Junctional Melanocytic Proliferation

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7/26/2017 2:57pm
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I had a mole biopsied in early March and it came back as a "Compound Melanocytic Nevus with Moderate-to-Focal Severe Atypia". The lesion extended to the deep biopsy edge. I then had it excised and got myself a tiday 18 stitched in my back and there was no remaining nevus after excision.

Now, a couple of weeks ago, I had 4 other suspicious moles biopsied. I just got the results and only 1 is recommended for excision with the other 3 being given the option of "wait and see" or "excise if you want to"...My question is, what would you do? I'll be discussing all of this with my doctor, of course, but I'm curious about other people's opinions. After describing the 4 lesions, I'll add other details.

These are the 4:

1) Lentiginous Junctional Melanocytic Proliferation with Moderate Atypia. The lesion extends focally to the deep edge. Conservative re-excision of this lesion is recommended.

2) Lentiginous Junctional Melanocytic Proliferation with Mild Atypia. The lesion extends to the peripheral biopsy edge.

3) Lentiginous Junctional Melanocytic Proliferation with Mild Atypia. The lesion extends to the peripheral biopsy edge.

4) Compound Melanocytic Nevus with Mild Atypia Extending to Deep Edge.

OK, so obviously #1 has to go. I think #4 is fine, with monitoring, and doesn't need further excision.

#2 and #3, however, though they have mild atypia, extend to the peripheral biopsy edge. In my lay opinion, it seems to be that the medical assistant just didn't cut widely enough, and missed getting some of the mole at the surface level. Would that be a case where they could just re-do a wider shave, or is it OK to just leave alone and watch it? The reason I am hesistant to excise any more than I need to, is because #s 1-3 are all along my spine. :( I'l already concerned about having a "conservative excision" so close to the middle of my spine, just under my bra line. Then again, I figure if they are going to cut me at the top of my spine, what's 2 more cuts? 

I'm pretty new to this and I know these have not yet reached full melanoma status, but I feel like I am working to stay ahead of them, so that they don't have a chance to turn into melanomas. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. 


I'm really not sure what additional challenges the location presents - both com a comfort and overall risk perspective.  However, IF it's Determined to be low risk, I personally would have them removed.  


Thank you for your reply. I think I'm going to have them take 1-3, and watch the site where #4 was removed very carefully. I'll need to get guidance from my dermatologist about how to watch a site where something *isn't* anymore, since they cut it off...