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Knute brain met treatment

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Knute brain met treatment

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Knutes Pam
8/5/2010 4:40pm
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Knute had gamma knife last wednesday for the two new brain mets.  We have started the weaning process from the steriods and hope to be able to get in an IPI trial in Sept.  He is doing well and is active on Facebook with the smaller screen provided by his I phone his visual problems are lessened.  A complete computer screen has too much visual information at one time.  It is a crazy side effect of his brain mets and their locations. We hope to get after those new lung mets in the near future.


Hi Pam,

Thanks for the update.  My best to Knute.

Jerry from Cape Cod

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Dear Pam

Just you and Kurt keep on holding tight!  Peace be with you and I am constantly praying hard for you all.

Just Keep on Hanging In

King - (8/5/2010 - 5:59pm)



Thanks for the update on Knute.  I, too, hope he gets in the Ipi trial next month and that he has a great response.  You two are amazing!


Stay Strong

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Sending you guys positive vibes for a great outcome. love, Sharon in Reno, Stage IV

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ValinMtl - (8/5/2010 - 10:59pm)

Knute is just such a passionate and amazing warrier.  He will overcome this recent set back and WILL beat the beast, he's so very strong. Sending healthy vibes to both he and his wonderful caregiver.  Val

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Rodensir - (8/6/2010 - 8:03am)

Good Luck I hope it all works out.


Tim--MRF - (8/6/2010 - 3:53pm)


Thank you for posting this update.  I have thought of you and Knute many times over the past weeks, wondering how you are doing.  Great to get the update.

Please give Knute my best.



So glad to hear that his vision has improved.  I know how much the lowering of the ability to read effects one.   What a fighter and what a helpmate.  Praying for you both.

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Just an update from my Cyberknife/SRS. 3 wks ago..I am going bald right along my scar line...smooth as a baby's butt. Is he losing his hair? Oh and doctor finally told me to stop talking steroids last Wed. and now I have lost my appettie...yeah but still can't sleep longer than 3-4 hrs...hope to lose the 20 lbs I've packed on this last months oh yeah and the swelling on my neck, face and back is going down. Take good care, Sharon in Reno Stage IV

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Thanks for the update.  I am glad to hear that Kurt is getting treatment.  At what location will he be getting ippi?