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Keytruda dosage

Keytruda dosage

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10/5/2019 10:36am
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I have slowly been loosing weight since my diagnosis. Yesterday I got my sixth dose of Keytruda, but apparently now I'm too skinny for it? Has anyone else come up against this? They don't want me to have any more unless I can get back up over 50 kgs. Apparently it's either a full dose or nothing?

JudiAU - (10/5/2019 - 12:55pm)

At the clinic I use they won’t defrost my drugs until I’ve been cleared by the doctor as being eligible to receive it. The drugs are so expensive they have to be absolutely sure I am eligible to receive it and the insurance company will for it because they get a separate approval for every dose because of the expense.

Perhaps this is the reason? There are no half-doses and they can’t be reimbursed if they don’t fully infuse you? Maybe some sort of drug relief is available from manufacturerr?

MelanomaMike - (10/6/2019 - 12:34pm)

Oh T! Well thats a pain in the butt! Have they figured out the cause of your weight loss? How tall are you? Are you male or female? 50kg is equivalent to 110 pounds (our USA standard of weight) depending on your height & male or female im sure they determined it unsafe for your body index. As you know im sure, All chemical therapies are dosed at a particular body weight....Is it cuz your appetite isnt good? Are you eating but not maintaining your normal body weight? If thats the case, id recommend Megace (aka Megestrol) its an Appetite Stimulant, worked great for me after Yervoy damaged my Pituitary gland, great stuff! Ask your doc about a diet plan to! Protein drinks, Ensures are great as well, they are individual drinks packed with proteins, vitamins and needed sugars...God i hope the best for you! Gotta keep on your infusions!! Keep us posted okay?

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Tsvetochka - (10/9/2019 - 6:51am)

I'm female. 165 cm tall. I'm eating a lot, but very healthy, no sugar and such. Also, like Edwin below, I've had diarrhea to deal with, too. Probiotics took care of that, and I'm really eating as much as I can. The last dose of Keytruda seems to be going fine, even though it was actually an overdose, so maybe they'll be willing to keep going even if I can't pack on much weight. And maybe I'll be able to gain some. 21 days between infusions... I'm supposed to check in with my dr around day 10 to see what they think about continuing.

MelMel - (10/7/2019 - 12:46am)

You may find the suggestions on this link helpful. Many are easy to implement.
Hope you regain the weight and continue your infusions.

Edwin - (10/8/2019 - 8:49am)

I lost too much weight after receiving my first infusion of ipi/nivo. My weight dropped from 54.7 kg on 4/1/2016 to 50.4 kg on 4/22/2016. I needed to regain weight and control diarrhea before resuming ipi/nivo immunotherapy. I received my second infusion of ipi/nivo 9 weeks after my first one. By then my weight had risen to 54.2 kgs. I met with my cancer center dietician. I ate more high calorie food. I switched from skim milk to whole milk. I ate whole milk yogurt, butter, ice cream and more meat.