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Keytruda 6 Week Infusion Schedule

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Keytruda 6 Week Infusion Schedule

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6/10/2020 7:16am
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Hi - anyone out there changing to the new Keytruda 6 week infusion schedule? Dosage is increased from 200 mg to 400mg. For those who have switched, have you experienced any increase in side effects? My husband, Larry, will be starting the new schedule in July. Thanks for any feedback. Take care.


Hi Ann,
I have had my last two infusion with the double dose. I have found that it has made me have a few more bowl movements, but once took meds settled down. I have had 46 doses now and apart from joint pain bowel issue on and off been ok.
Hooe all goes well ,


Thanks for sharing. Larry's on his 35th infusion with very few side effects other than joint pain and fatigue so we're hopeful that the new timing/dosage won't cause too many problems.