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This is for KatyWI

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This is for KatyWI

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8/6/2010 12:00pm
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Hi Katy,


I noticed you live in Appleton.  I am in Little Chute (we're practically neighbors)  Just wondering if all your follow up appts are in Milwaukee or if you see an oncologist in Appleton?  I did get a second opinion from Dr. Albertini in Madison (loved him-very caring and compassionate) but I didn't want to drive to Madison for all my follow ups so currently I see Dr. Guenther (smart man but our personalities don't "jive") at AMC.  Just curious



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KatyWI - (8/6/2010 - 7:11pm)

Hi Mary!

My local oncologist is Dr. Phillips at Theda Clark.  I saw him exclusively when I was first dx at stage III.  When I had my recurrence last October (stage IV), I started with Dr. Phillips and consulted with Dr. Attia in Madison (he is a contemporary of Albertini but a lot easier to see fast.)  I liked him very much; the whole team there really cares and Dr. Attia went out of his way to answer all mly questions.   I was going to do a trial with him, but it turns out I had too many mets. So I went down to Milwaukee to see Dr. Treisman at St. Luke's.  He's the type that you wait for hours for your appointment, because he will spend all the time each and every patient needs.  Because of that, I don't mind the chronic lateness.

good luck on the leukine - kick som MM butt.



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