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Junctional melanocytic nevus treatment

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Junctional melanocytic nevus treatment

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3/21/2013 6:27am
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My wife has recently had one of these removed and awaited results from our local hospital.  She has been given another appointment and been told this may require further treatment and they want to discuss options.

She has convinced herself that this means the mole is cancerous. I have been saying that it is probably standard procedure to give her advice and maybe check the wound etc.

Does anyone have experience of how the NHS in the UK proceeds following an excision of such a mole?

I am just trying to establish if this follow up appointment could just be routine or not (it's 6 weeks away!). Obviously, it may be bad news but not necessarily.

Any information would be appreciated.




Junctional nevus sounds like benign mole. As long as it is nevus ,it is noncancerous .

I am in UK as well ,and I suppose if they cut something out of your body ,they will deffinately make appointment to check scar etc.

6 weeks to wait is normal in UK ,I was waiting months for my surgery for melanoma.

A junctional melanocytic nevus is most likely an "atypical" or "dysplastic" nevus.  These are not melanoma but do have some atypical cells or architecture.  Depending on how atypical they are, extra margins are usually taken.  I'm not sure the protocol in the UK but if the lesion were considered severely atypical, they may take up to 5mm margins.  Otherwise, they make take more conservative margins or just want to get clean margins.  In the US, I would be asking for a copy of the pathology report.  This is only an informed guess based on "junctional melanocytic nevus".  Without the actual pathology report, we can't give more precise help.

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