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Joint Pain Relief

Joint Pain Relief

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4/14/2019 1:00pm
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Happy Spring everyone!

I wanted to give a little update from my last post about joint pain medication. As a review: all regular athritis medication has failed me and the next recommended step was to try methotrexate. Methotrexate being an immune suppresing drug, I was scared. I thought long and hard about it and decided I would at least try one natural way of getting relief before jumping on the more "hardcore" medication train.

So, I cut gluten out of my diet. I had done this experiement for my eczema many years ago, and it worked to help control flare ups of that. I thought, well, why not try it for joint pain/inflammation. Along with cutting out gluten I added more anti-inflammatory foods to my diet and generally just started to eat healthier. I haven't taken any anti-inflammatory medication or any pain relievers at all.

It's been 2 months and for the first time in close to 10 years I am pain free! I am shocked. I am not one of those types of people who jump on the natural remedy bandwagon every time I see some random Facebook post about "try this smoothie for this ailment!" type deal. I work with medical professionals, I take the scientific method seriously. So, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this "experiment" of mine, but I knew it wouldn't hurt to try.

I wanted to share this in case it helps anyone else who might be dealing with this not so fun side effect of treatment. Obviously it's not for everyone and maybe at some point this will stop helping and I'll have to think about medication again. For now, I will daydream of gluten rich pizza while eating my salads.

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mrsaxde - (4/14/2019 - 1:52pm)

That's good to know! If you live in a medical marijuana state, you might also want to see what you can find in the way of THC/CBD infused salves. I get a 1:1 THC/CBD salve at my local dispensary that takes away pain in a very short time.


SOLE - (4/15/2019 - 6:58am)

Since last year some gout symptoms have appeared for me. Although I’ve changed my diet already (glute free for 2 years and counting), Id like to know what it is exactly you are doing. ...  Im so happy for you though Jenn! NED still and arthritis symptoms free ! You rock! Coming on your two year cancer free if Im not mistaken... That looks mighty good! Keep at it and maybe try those keto pizza instead!

sing123 - (4/15/2019 - 10:22am)

How wonderful that you found relief! I have been gluten free for 10 years. Although I don't know if it is why my joint pain was manageable, I wonder if joint pain is exacerbated by treatment if someone continues to eat gluten and is intolerant. And I marvel at all the gluten free choices these days. Of course, I try not to overdo all the simple carb substitutes. Tho don't always succeed! 

Best to you!


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WithinMySkin - (4/15/2019 - 10:22am)

It's so nice to hear this update, Jenn! I know you've struggled with joint pain for years now, and I'm so glad you finally found something that works for you!!! My husband and I went on an elemination diet to find his triggers for acid reflux, and we found sooo many weird foods that would set him off and he finally got off the meds! It's worth exploring diet to see what works for you, your body, and your situation. Congrats to you and hope you stay pain-free and NED!!