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Interrupting keytruda due to coronavirus restrictions

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Interrupting keytruda due to coronavirus restrictions

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space oddity
3/17/2020 2:51pm
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We live in Greece and my husband has been taking keytruda for almost two years, with success and no side effects. Due to covid19 spread in our country there are very strict restrictions about people moving inside the country. We live in an island and my husband has to travel to take his medicine. His next treatment is next week but his doctor was very sceptical about whether he should travel. The measures get stricter and stricter and nobody knows when will get back to normal. Is it ok if he misses one or two treatments, or more provided that the carantine time has ended? Thank you

In the summer of 2018 I was receiving Opdivo immunotherapy every 2 weeks. I skipped 2 treatments to have cataract surgery on both eyes.

Thank you for your response

Here is an article from way back at the start of clinical trials of Nivo then called MRX-1106 showing half life of 70% = or greater than 2 months in the blood.

after labs today i was talking to onc's assitant and enquired about a break in treatment, either because covid interupts the clinic or drugs become in short supply. he advised that it is not good to interupt treatment.

at infusion same day , same PA came in to tell me infusion had to be interrupted because i showed hi liver enzymes. probably due to acetaminophen i was taking upon advisement of Derm who will do a office procedure next week. the PA did not reference his comments some 30 minutes earlier about interruption.

my take away, they probably don't know a whole lot beyond reading and following NCCM guidelines.

I also travel for my treatments. I had to skip two Keytruda infusions back in the fall, and there weren't any problems.

Stage 4 in April 2019, NED from April 2020, thanks to Keytruda and lots of prayer!

This is reassuring. You didn't have any problems even when you started the infusions again?

No. It really didn't seem to make any difference.

Stage 4 in April 2019, NED from April 2020, thanks to Keytruda and lots of prayer!

Last fall, when I wanted to travel to Europe my oncologist had no issues to either stretch my infusions or cancel one. I am on biweekly Opdivo infusions. Unfortunately for me, the trip never materialized.