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Insurance for immunotherapy

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Insurance for immunotherapy

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8/13/2019 9:54pm
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Does Medicare Coverage B cover immunology treatments subject to annual deductible? I have AARP Medicare complete through United Health.

Bubbles - (8/14/2019 - 10:19am)

If medically indicated, I believe the answer is yes:

Again, it seems that the answer is yes:

Immunotherapy is given IV in an outpatient setting, usually in a "clinic" situation affiliated with your oncologist. The simplest way to get a certain answer to your question is call the billing department or nurse at your oncologists office and ask what their experience has been or call your insurance company directly. However, given the run-around that insurance companies are capable of dishing out, I would call my onc's office first.

Hope this helps. Celeste

Thanks, Celeste. I have received 3 different responses from my insurance company, but I believe it is covered under Medicare Coverage B, subject to annual deductibles. I will check with the Oncologist provider to confirm.

Yaaaaaaaay! Am i hearing what i think im hearing??? Is StudioDad possibly considering Immunal Therapy?? Your the man! Like a few of us already explained to you about our own experience with immunal drugs, the side effects are very tolerable if not at all! I was scared as well Studio but after the 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd infusions etc. i was like what?? Are they even giving me Keytruda??!! I even asked the nurse up close into her ear " You can tell me, i wont get you in trouble, is that just Sodium in that bag?"....
Be well, and i hope your insurance gets worked out!!

What doesn't kill you only makes you wanna Go After It And Kill It!

Very funny, Mike. After our last communication I received my biopsy results that showed a clear colon, but melanoma in my scapula. This new site put me in stage 4 and the doctor said my only option is immunotherapy (Opdivo) and some targeted radiation in the scapula. Despite the list of possible side effects and limited amount of data re success, I put on my big boy pants and agreed to start treatment. Thanks for your input.