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Inquiry for support group topics

Inquiry for support group topics

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3/12/2019 3:02pm
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Hello everyone, 

I will be facilitating a support group for OM patients and was wondering if anyone had ideas of topics they feel would be beneficial to cover. I'm considering topics such as: mindful self compassion, stress and stress management, coping with anxeity, etc. But I am more than open to any suggestions, as I want it to be well worth the time of the participants in the group. 


Thank you! 

Hi Anon,

I don't have topics for you, but rather a suggestion.

In all of the cancer support groups I've been to I've mostly needed someone to listen and understand what I was saying without having to explain everything.  I can get info many different ways and in many different places (MPIP is one of my favs) but it was usually only in the support groups where I could find a good, humble, listening ear.

Just my experience, but you might find the answer to your questions already in the room, in expert cancer patients.



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What she said!!!  celeste

That is really helpful. Thank you very much Julie.