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Immunotherapy Question

Immunotherapy Question

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10/17/2019 6:13am
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Hello Folks,
I was diagnosed 3C in May and have been on Nivo since June. I’ve been dealing with a couple of side effects so I’m thinking the Nivo is working. I’ve been reading about how immunotherapy takes the brakes off of our immune therapy for life which gives our bodies the ability to search and destroy the Mel.

My question is this (I apologize if it has been asked or covered before)... since our immune system is running full blast, would this help the body if confronted with another type of cancer (ie, prostate, leukemia)?

Bubbles - (10/17/2019 - 8:44am)

The very short answer to your question is a (most likely) no. Nivolumab has been studied multiple times to see what cancers will respond to it (as has Keytruda and ipi.....not to mention many other immunotherapies...some of which work in other cancers and diseases, but not in melanoma). That said, nivolumab in particular, has been found to be effective, and FDA approved, for use in other cancers not just melanoma. I started on nivo when it was known as MDX1106. Here is a post I put together in 2013 on its history which may interest you:

Here is a bit of that same post with an update in 2017 that includes the time line of FDA approvals for nivo up to that time:

Of course, none of us knows what the future holds....and I am hoping it is very bright for all cancer sufferers!!! Hope that helps. Celeste

PS And just as I was about to post this....I realized in providing full disclosure - there is this:
For what it's worth. c