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Immunotherapy again

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Immunotherapy again

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11/27/2019 3:02pm
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Hello everybody,

I am going through the whole history of this forum, but I can't find the answer..

My farher got immunotherapy on 11/2018 after reocurrence of melanoma arround the scar.
He took 4 rounds of pembro with no answer.. He nearly died, combo of Taf / Mek saved his life..
After 9 months of Taf / Mek combo, tumors on his skin starting to grow.. Doctor offered us pembro again.
Do you think it is possible that Keytruda (pembro) can help? Even if he did not have any response on it in 2018?

Thank you much ❤️


Edwin - (11/27/2019 - 3:58pm)

Yervoy + Keytruda immunotherapy or Yervoy + Opdivo immunotherapy should be considered.

Nympha - (11/28/2019 - 5:32pm)

Thank u much for reply ❤️
Hope combination of keytruda with yervoy habe the same function and strenght as with opdivo.

Edwin - (11/28/2019 - 7:27pm)

Merck makes Keytruda. Bristol-Myers Squibb makes Yervoy and Opdivo. This is probably why Yervoy + Opdivo immunotherapy has been tested more than Yervoy + Keytruda immunotherapy. My guess is that Yervoy + Keytruda immunotherapy would work as well as Yervoy + Opdivo immunotherapy. If Yervoy + Keytruda is easier to obtain in your country, you should consider it. I was 72 years old, when I received Yervoy + Opdivo.

Nympha - (11/29/2019 - 4:04am)

I am so thankful to you ❤️
Will ask our doctor about it.

ed williams - (11/27/2019 - 4:26pm)

Hi Veronika, did he nearly die because of side effects or because of the melanoma? If it was the melanoma then the combination of ipi+nivo might be the better next step depending on present tumor burden. Here is a link from a peer panel a couple of years ago and at the 7:30 min mark Dr. Michael Davies gets into switching from targeted to immunotherapy then back again to targeted at progression of immunotherapy because the tumor keeps mutating so the tumor months later will be much different than the tumor that developed resistance to targeted therapy initially so trying targeted therapy could be an option again in a few months. Here is the link.

Nympha - (11/28/2019 - 4:45pm)

Hello Ed,
Thank you much for your reply and advice.
He nearly died because cancer spreaded into his lungs, and his abdomen was absolutelly covered by one hundred of tumors (biggest was like tenis ball) . He was in such pain, he prayed to God to take him.. I have never seen anything like this on the internet.. His case is quite unique in my country ( doctors from our capital city have never seen so many tumors on skin in their whole carrier)
I think that ipi/nivo would be the best solution.. But keytruda is very fast and available posibility here. To get ipi/nivo is very risky due to time.. And there is a high possibility that our health insurance company will not pay for the treatment due to his age (69 y.o.) we do not have so much time to wait. . ☹️