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i would be interested in other's experience particualry new paitents

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i would be interested in other's experience particualry new paitents

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9/13/2020 4:12pm
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as i read MPIP BB and refer to AIM and other melanoma and cancer websites and blogs i got to thinking.

there is no reference material in my docs offices. no pamphlets ,no handouts, no website recomendations , no nothing for resources. This is true of my hospital based infusion clinic nor the big 400 Doc Onc practice I was first referred too.

in the initial stages i had no info and could not really ask any intelligent questions of my docs. It was only after SLNB that i realized i needed more info from other sources.

there is more literature on Weed Eaters at the Home Depot than cancer info in my Onc's office.

I found AIM and MPIP on my own. One onc did get me a photocopay of the NCCM guideline pertaining to my stage of cancer. 1 sheet. From then on it was' 'standard of care' and 'trust us:"

I find that odd that not much information was provided to you. Th number of Oncologists and Dermatologists that I have seen always had plenty of literature for my wife and I to review. I also found way more information than I needed on the WEB. American Cancer Sopciety has plenty of information for you to absorb.

Good luck

honest to gosh , there wasn't one piece of literature from American Cancer Society of SGC. My infusion clinic sees 50-100 people a day, Nothing. Same with the big Onc practice. Nice waiting room, no literature whatsoever.
i got to thinking maybe they are concerned about poor information being disseminated. Certainly my docs NEVER suggested I should get most of my info from the web,