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I’m a little worried or ALOT

I’m a little worried or ALOT

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8/14/2019 8:10pm
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Hi everyone! I came across this site today so I decided to join. I’m 36 Hispanic female. For about a year I’ve had a light brown line on my small toe nail and about 2 weeks ago I t caught my attention because it got a lot darker . I decided to make an appointment to go see a dermatologist 2 days ago. He took a look at my nail and said I have Melanonychia but also said I need to get biopsy. He referred me to a podiatrist for the biopsy. I will call them tomorrow to schedule it.
I am really nervous about this whole situation. I will post a link of my nail and please let me know you thoughts. I truly appreciate it!

Do you guys think is something to be concerned about?

Anonymous - (8/14/2019 - 8:28pm)

Hi Anonymous, im Mike nice to meet you. Well darn, news of possible cancer or "deffinet" cancer is always scary, i hope that is the case for you, Melanonychia, i researched that, its "over active" melancytes (gives us color to our skin) and it can cause a stripe or spots, blackish brown in color...Melanoma can also cause this, this i already knew, your possible diagnosis, Melanonychia, ive never heard of, but definetly get that biopsy! Thats the truth finder, good luck Anonymous...

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!