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i know this is a dumb question -location of exposure

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i know this is a dumb question -location of exposure

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2/19/2020 11:50am
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does the melanoma take hold at the place on the epidermis exposed, or can iit show up on other parts of you skin, maybe adjacent , maybe not so adjacent?

Either. A melanoma can regrow at the original site or grow anywhere else in body.

not regrowth.

is original site of melanoma , a mole for instance, the point at which sun damaged skin, or can it damage skin in one area but show up as a malignant mole somewhere else?

I guess another way to ask it, is a mole on my lower back from sun exposure to my lower back only, not upper back or soldiers?

I am not sure if I can answer your question scientifically but I do know that melanoma is not always caused by sun exposure ( for example my son had it on his tongue) ...sometimes no rhyme or reason as to where is could show up

On my arm, if arms stretched out and palms facing ground my melanoma came on the underside of my lower arm, but it was the top hairy part that got sunburned. The area that got melanoma would never burn.

On my legs, I did get burns where I had my melanomas, and from everything I understand about my case the damage could have been done when I was walking away from an afternoon sun, so that it was hitting the back of my body on my right side. So the sun would have been behind me but casting a shadow on the left. Shorts and t-shirt.

If it was UV exposure that did it.