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Hole in one

Hole in one

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11/3/2019 8:01am
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Greetings everyone!
I'm buckling up for the ride. Monday see new oncologist, who did refer finally to the only doctor in the state capable of a rectal ultrasound. This follow up, scheduled for December 3rd ,from 3 previous pet/ct is now years in the making, after SUV values of 3. Something, 6. Something, and 8. Something. Intermittent pain in that region now requires periodic pain relief. Is now a palpable golf ball size mass. Moh's for the ear insitu on the 12th. In the meantime...a few days ago had lesion on left arm raise, and rupture, deflate, and is raised with pressure and about to rupture again. I've never seen no shit like that. The first sign of change to 1st rupture took no more than 24 hours. I know I've asked before, and honestly I don't remember what may have been suggested, but what should I be asking for here? Starting to feel like something's going on. No bloodwork in over a year. Just me and my surgeon winging it. Or slicing it. Fore!


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