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hard lump in roof of mouth, what is next step

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hard lump in roof of mouth, what is next step

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9/24/2010 3:25pm
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Early stage mel. Sore throat for a few weeks. Cough sometimes when talking. Hard lump is new.  Physician is sending me for a dental X Ray tomorrow, with an appointment early next week to determine next step.  Should I request an ultra sound?  Needle biopsy?   Very scared but trying to keep things in perspective.

so much for keeping things in perspective, the doctors office just called to make sure I go in first thing next week. Maybe when I posted here I should not have said I was early stage, maybe then I would have got a reply.  

Where was your initial primary?

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upper right arm, and my throat has been sore for well over a month, no cold, just raw on one side. I think the bump  ( right side) has been there at least a month, I have been ignoring it like a good stage 1b:)  On vacation I found myself pressing into my neck to numb the pain.  I think the thing that scares me the most is the coughing during the night.  ( Upright, gasping, hard to get air, sore afterwards, but still,  it does go away - so I forgetabout it) And maybe the expulsion of air that happens when I talk sometimes.  My multiple lung nodules were deemed benign last year - I am hoping  this is a tempest in a teacup, but right now I want to know what tests I should ask for. ( I will ask for a lung CT but it's the lump I need to know what to do with.) Remember, I am in laid back Canada where we only see an onc if we are confirmed stage 3 or 4 and have scans at the speed of a snail... So I have to be strategic in what I ask for.

Well, although I have yet to hear of a hard palate (I think that is what you are referring to) metastases, anything is possible.     That said, the most common metastases are to lymph nodes close to the primary, or seeding to well vascularized organs like the lungs, or liver.  If it is a soft tissue lump, a fine needle aspirate would be a good diagnostic first step to rule it out.  I  hope it is just an inflamed lymph node secondary to something benign like oh say, a tooth abscess.  I would go ahead with the plan and see what you get.  If you can get a thoracic CT, that would be icing on the cake-make sure the lung nodules are keeping stable.

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Thanks so much John, I will see what the dentist says tomorrow & will post here. Pretty sure I can get the CT and possibly an ultrasound, depending on what the dentist says. But I will certainly mention the FNA if needed. It helps to have a plan - even if it is overreacting:)

Anonymous - (9/24/2010 - 6:28pm)

There are a number of common, benign conditions that can cause hard lumps in the mouth (for example "Torus palatinus"). Oral metastases are rare, even more so at early stage. 

So while it is a good idea to get this checked, I think it is highly likely that this is something not related to melanoma. (Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, of course...)

Thank you. I will look this up.

One of my latest lumps was watched for a month with an ultra sound (it did not show up on the PET), when it grew 1 mm they did a fna. After it came back mel another PET was ordered.  Then it decided to show up.  I would think that they would insist do an ultrasound to determine what they are dealing with. If they are waivering on a fna I would insist.

Don't feel that everything in the US is done with lightening speed.  Due to constant complications and the fact that I felt the lump before it was large enough to be picked up on a scan my surgery will be approx 4 months from the day I first felt the lump!! 

I know it's scary when the Doc calls and tells you to make sure and go next week but at least he is showing concern.


Thank you Linda, you are so kind to reassure me when you are going through so much -and you are right, I am very lucky the doctor cares (especially since my own doc is on vacation and this guy was brand new to me!)  With what you and John have told me I feel better prepared and less anxious. (Mind you, it's 3.00am and I'm still up -but at least I'm not weeping about missing my daughter's spring wedding anymore:)

Good luck to you with your long awaited surgery Linda, and thanks again, alsoalinda:)