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F/u on Edwin's 50+% 5 yr OS for mel peeps on ipi/nivo post

F/u on Edwin's 50+% 5 yr OS for mel peeps on ipi/nivo post

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10/5/2019 10:04am
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Edwin's post of the BBC report ( and the comments that went along with it were excellent and cheering! Here's a link to that thread if you missed it:

If you're interested in a further breakdown of the numbers past and present as well as a look at the abstract presented by Larkin and other Melanoma Big Dogs, I put a post together on it this morning. Nothing new really, just another way of looking at the numbers.

For what it's worth. Thanks Edwin and the rest of you. Have a great weekend. - celeste

Yep! I believe i responded to Edwins post on that to, even though i didnt quote "Complete" a substantial regiment of the Nivo part of it (stopped at #20 of Nivo alone but did do all 4 Yervoys) ill have to ask my new doc, Dr. Hamid about my specific situation, even though i was stopped on 3, really 2 different immunal therapys, first Pembro (only did 7 infusions/ stopped due to disease progression) then the Ipi/ Nivo (completed 4 Ipi's and did a total of 20 Nivo's and also stopped due to disease progression) question is, is my immune system better primed now? Would i have a hell of a lot more "new" tumors then i have now if i havnt done those 3 meds? All of those fabulous meds wernt a total waste of time, some tumors shrank, some disappeared, some stayed stable but! Some got larger and of course i grew new ones, Bitter/Sweet it all was....oh the science of it all! Alot to learn Still!!

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!

Thanks for the summary Celeste. Interesting to see it broken down in the different groups. Those number for the high toxicity patients are pretty impressive.

These stats are very encouraging and yes you are completely right, we are blessed to be alive considering the statistics from even 2 years ago when I was diagnosed Stage4 Unresectable Metastatic. I am trying to stay positive and plan what will I do with the next 3 years of my life. I can't believe I am typing those words! We are blessed!