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FSA warns of risks of fecal transplants

FSA warns of risks of fecal transplants

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6/13/2019 9:15pm
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Turns out that fecal transplants to improve gut biome by transferring beneficial gut flora can also transfer harmful bugs too. Researchers will have to move more cautiously in the future, screen donors and their samples. I think that this also means that any hope of fast-track trials in the near future are probably dashed.

Um, that should be FDA not FSA in the subject line.

Yeah, cooties be cooties. Some are good and some are bad. Hopefully, progress will be made on how to make this work well as how folks can make sure to grow their own most excellent cootie varieties!!! I figure if we managed to develop methods and testing that makes blood transfusions safe - we can do this!!! Important stuff!! c