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frequency of scans after adjuvant therapy

frequency of scans after adjuvant therapy

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3/12/2019 8:26pm
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Hi everyone!!  

My son has 5 more Opdivo treatments to complete his one year of adjuvant therapy for Stage 3b....we have been counting down the treatments but as it gets closer I find myself getting so nervous about completing treatment.  It will be a very bittersweet milestone for son can’t wait to be finished, he’s 18 now and ready to move on from this whole thing. I on the other hand am having such least with treatment I felt like we were actively doing something to fight this monster off. 

6 months into his treatment he had CT scans of his brain, his neck and his chest and abdomen...all clear. His primary site was on his scalp. We are going to have repeat scans again in May.  

i am just wondering  how often everyone went or is going  for scans upon completion of adjuvant therapy for similar staging. I know adjuvant therapy is relatively new for Stage 3....I’m thinking when we aren’t treating i would like scans every 3 months for at least a year, just not sure insurance will agree with me.  

Kelly :) 


A Melanoma mom ❤️

I have scans every 3 months for 2 years after my treatment ended.  Insurance should not be an issue.  MRI yearly.


Hi Kelly,

My scan schedule went like this:

Year 1: Every 4 months

Year 2: Every 3 months

Years 3-5: Every 6 months

Years 5-10: Opted to stay with every 6 months, though I was given an option of going to annual scans. I am at this point. Only 3 more visits until I move to annual scans!

Years 10+: Annual scans 

Based on posts I've read here, while there may be some variances here and there the one thing these schedules all have in common is that they decrease over time. Statistically, the highest odds of recurrence happen within the first two years, hence the freqency. Also, a good thing to know is the the longer you go without a recurrence, the odds of having a recurrence decrease.

I've never had a problem with insurance coverage. I only get the ultra high contrast CT. But again, based on posts I've read here, some folks have had problems with PET scans being covered at frequent intervals. 



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