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Feeling severe body pain like arthritis

Feeling severe body pain like arthritis

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4/12/2019 1:33am
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finger melanoma initially diagnosed in 2015 stage 1 finger tip imputed and one year it was all good till I found multiple tumor in chest and abdomen. Getting treated with Keytuda 26 infusion done severe body pain like arthritis due to which last 2 infusion got postponed and Timor’s spread to brain also. Active ulcer is also diagosed what to do suggest brain RT THERAPY FOR 10 days also taken 

When you say things have spread to the brain, how many and how big? The reason I ask is it they are small then SRS (stereotatic like cyberknife) would be the way to go versus whole brain which tends not to work as well and cognitive decline issues are more common. Best Wishes!!!Ed