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A Family Affair...

A Family Affair...

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5/14/2019 8:10pm
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Hi all. New to this community. Went to dermatologist on 4/15 after my boyfriend noticed a mole that had changed in appearance on my upper back. I was concerned because both my mother and little sister had been diagnosed with some form of skin cancer within a week of each other only weeks before my appointment. (Mom had SCC on her shoulder and little sister had stage 1B melanoma on her inner thigh.)

Doctor wasn’t very concerned at first and even the nurses were trying to rush me out with little concern. Then I get the call a few days later that it was melanoma and I would need WLE. Doctor said some of the results on the pathology report were inconclusive and I haven’t seen it myself yet. She ordered a test (genetic I believe) but those results haven’t come in and she hasn’t staged me.

WLE took place this past Thursday 5/9. That was an ordeal. I’m strawberry blonde with green eyes and they were having trouble getting the local anesthesia to work. (Ouch. Please stop again. I feel that.) Now I have a gorgeous 4 inch scar on my back and a boatload of stitches. Doctor seemed frustrated that my test results hadn’t come back but said she didn’t want to wait any longer than we had to perform the WLE.

Now we are playing the waiting game. Doctor indicated that these test results in addition to the WLE results would determine whether or not she’d be sending me to an oncologist. The whole thing has been a strange experience. I’ve done quite a bit of reading on here but it seems that pretty much every case is unique. Fingers crossed for more information soon.