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Ezio’s latest updates

Ezio’s latest updates

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10/9/2018 7:39pm
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Hello All


Ezio has been in the hospital for a week now.  And he’s still not improving,  he is awake but can’t really speak,  he just started eating this weekend. The oncologist came by and thinks there’s still some pressure or something pressing in the brain.  There doing more blood work tomorrow to see if he can go back on targeted  therapy to see if it will shrink some of the tumours.   Problem was when we were on targeted therapy  we kept getting progression in the brain.  He is not a candidate for surgery,  there is just to many. 

Running out of options, holding out for a miracle 


Hi Elizabeth

Keeping Ezio in our prayers.  Miracles do happen!


casagrayson - (10/10/2018 - 12:38am)

Bless both of you.  

Strength and Courage,


mandyjill - (10/10/2018 - 5:34pm)

Elizabeth, I've been praying for Ezio everyday and will continue to do.  Miracles happen every day.

lkb - (10/11/2018 - 11:35pm)

Keeping you and Ezio in my thoughts.


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Ezio!! Comon buddy! Every strong Warrior CELL (and anyother helpful meds hes given)in you has got to FIGHT! im hopeful Elizabeth, comon!

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

thank you for all your good thoughts.  Unfortunately Ezio is not waking up.  We were going to try and rechallenge with the target therapy,  but he has to be awake to take the pills.   The doctor says to prepare for end of life.   They have done everything possible.   There just making him comfortable.   

I write this with such a heavy heart