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Exercise promotes cuteanous healing

Exercise promotes cuteanous healing

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3/25/2020 11:11am
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I had my WLE on January 17th and they patched me up on January 31st (scalp reconstruction and rotation, 55 staples). The wound opened up when the staples were removed and I have posted about it on here before.

About 3 weeks ago my scalp kinda hit a plateau. It just wasn't healing anymore, or had slowed considerably. A week went by and the wound really had not changed at all and was still leaking and bleeding.

Around 9 days ago I started lifting weights again, properly with no restrictions. And since then it's like the healing went really quickly. I went from a hole in my head to almost closed and the skin that has formed has feeling and sensation too. I expect it to be fully closed in the coming days.

I also found a paper from 2008 by the NIH that states exercise accelerates cutaneous wound healing in mice, so it may not be my imagination at all.

Hopefully this helps someone.

This is great news, sj! Wishing you continued healing!


Primary 1B in 2014 - WLE and SNB negative.
Recurrence Dec 2019 - Stage IV with mets in liver and lungs. Currently on ipi/nivo combo @ MD Anderson (Houston, TX).