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Excellent scans!! On Breast Cancer Regimen

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Excellent scans!! On Breast Cancer Regimen

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6/14/2019 5:50am
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My husband, Bill had scans yesterday and they were excellent!! It’s been such a long journey with 3 clinical trials, 3 VATS surgeries, 1 liver surgery, DTIC and now being on the second Her2 drug regimen after he had lung nodules on the first drug. Thanks so much to Sloan-Kettering for finding out he has an over expression of the Her2 mutation. He has some neuropathy in his fingers and feet and he has restless leg syndrome, but he is doing so well!!
Thanks to the many wonderful people on this board for helping me with awesome advice and support especially Celeste, Brian P and Ed!! I hope you are feeling better Celeste!
Love to all!

Dear Maureen,
It’s such a delight to read you like this! Give my best to your husband and may he continue to be well forever! As for me, coming to three years in september. Apparently NED still. Scanxiety should resume end of August. Been taking care of myself and changing a lot of relationships around me. Living for the meaningful ones, in all genres. It’s been ruff but never like you.
A bientôt!

That’s wonderful that you are NED Marc! I hope that never stops! I very much agree with you that your life changes with this disease. You definitely want to surround yourself with supportive and compassionate people. Take care.

Oh, Maureen!! That is wonderful news!! I hate the neuropathies (can relate to that for sure!!!) but ever so glad for the good scan! I am doing well. Just got back from Barre, an exercise class my daughter and I are doing twice a week while she is out of school (teacher) for the summer. Between those work outs and running 3 miles 4 times a week, they are kicking my bootie! In a good way! Thanks for the shout out and thanks for sharing your excellent news. I hope you and Bill have a fabulous summer! Love, les

Aww thanks so much Les!! You are such a kind soul!! That’s awesome that you’re doing so much exercise! I love Barre class too. I hope you and your family have a fantastic summer too!!!

Nice to hear the good news Maureen!!!!

Thanks so much Ed!!

Yahoo!!!!! Just made my week Maureen. So glad to hear Bill is doing well. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys have been an amazing team. Love hearing stories where people have been forced to go outside the box and have found success.


2 Barre's and 3 or 4 three mile runs a week. I always knew you were a stud!!! or should a say studette.

Made me laugh, Brian! In my family, it is characterized as "Beast Mode" I'm a BEAST!!! How are you and yours???? celeste

Thanks so much Brian!!! We’re looking forward to having a relaxing summer! We hope you and family have a fantastic summer too!!