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Eosinophils, biomarker to checkpoint inhibitors response?

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Eosinophils, biomarker to checkpoint inhibitors response?

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10/17/2020 8:50am
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This held very true with me. Eosinophils climbed higher and higher with each Keyruda dose and I responded very well. Wonder if anyone else here experienced this.

Interesting. Here's a link to lots of articles I've posted regarding eosinophilia and immunotherapy -

The first article includes a graph of my own levels. yours, les

Thank you Celeste for posting that. Looks like your Absolute Eosinophils max out to .6 k/UL. Mines presently at .9 k/UL. I think this more then just a bone to bite into

I will be taking my third infusion of the combo this Tuesday. If I read mine right, my first test was .08 and my second is .11. The 4 previous NIVO infusions the levels were all in the acceptable range and I only had a partial response. So if I understand you two, your ranges are above the high limit. Is this correct?

this is my question to my onc. if anyone has an answer please post .

"what levels of what hormones, enzymes, lymphocytes, etc. indicate the presence of opvido

no one knows how long or strong Opvido will persist after the last infusion, so it would seem to me if i can compare levels before first infusion to levels after several infusions it would indicate how much Opvido is still assisting my immune system

the reason this is important is because in the Covid environment residual Opvido can increase my susceptibility to complications of Covid. knowing when effects of Opvido are back to pre-infusion levels would help me in the Covid environment"