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Doctor noticed an interesting trend. Immunotherapy, and bone response.

Doctor noticed an interesting trend. Immunotherapy, and bone response.

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7/9/2019 9:12pm
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Hey All,
While at an appointment today the doctor mentioned a conversation he had with another doctor while at ASCO.
My partner is someone who responded well to immunotherapy everywhere in his body except his bones. Brain, liver, spleen, kidney, lungs all responded. It was everything we had been hoping for. Then the pain started. Then blood work showed an increase in his ALT levels, and a later bone scan revealed there has been serious progression throughout. But not the organs. He has since switched to the old braf/mek combo, and is responding great.

But my partner was the not this first Patient of his who had this same thing happen.
He mentioned this to another doctor at ASCO, and they had also had some similar cases. It sounds like it peaked his interest, and now he’s doing some digging of his own. This is nothing solid, and by no means am I saying that our doctor is starting a new study or anything. I’m really just curious if anyone else has seen this?

Oh, and does anyone happen to have a magic cure they wish to share? :)


My melanoma originally spread only to bones. In March 2016 I had melanoma in some ribs, some vertebrae, right shoulder, hips and both femurs. After ipi + nivo immunotherapy my bone cancer disappeared. An April 2018 PET scan showed a tumor under my jaw. I received radiation to it. I will have a PET scan on Monday July 15.