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Do lung Mets cause coughing/shortness of breath?

Do lung Mets cause coughing/shortness of breath?

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1/10/2019 7:47pm
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Hi, just wondering if there is any sensation when someone has a lung met?

I’m currently between scans and an 8mm polygonal nodule was seen on my last scan. I know that nodules show up in the lungs frequently and usually aren’t melanoma. However, I’ve now had a chest cold since 12/24 and I’m waiting for it to finally go away. My next scan will be in early February so I’ll definitely know then if the module went away. 


2019 is a new year!

I have a lung met (2.3 cm) and multiple lung nodules. Other than an occassional, dry, umproductive, cough there is absolutely no pain or any other kind of sensation. The lung met is a melanoma however the nodues are believed to be granulomas which are benign and since they are not causing symptoms they do not require treatment nor follow up. By the way, chest colds take a while to resolve themselves and having one since 12/24 is not sufficient time.  Best wishes.


Are you on immunotherapy?  I'm doing a blind clinical trial with either nivo or nivo/ipi.  My most pronounced side effect has been shortness of breath.  So far, nothing showing up in lungs on CT scans.

Hi, it could be good news, I'm a keen cyclist and last spring/summer I was having increased difficulty catching my breath while climbing hills, getting worse over a couple of months, concerning to say the least, then it slowly improved. Pleasant surprise, my October scan revealed a missing lung nodule, just vanished. We suspect the difficulty breathing was related to the Nivo causing the nodule to swell before going, now I’m hoping for the same with the others.

Or it could be just a cold/flu, I've been struggling with a cough since late December.......


Tony -  IV - Ipi/Nivo (Yervoy/Opdivo); now on Nivo maintenance

My husband experienced shortness of breath (like back when he smoked cigarettes) that got progressively MUCH worse over a few weeks, to the point where he needed to be on continuous oxygen at 6LPM. He also developed a dry, painful cough any time he inhaled. He was in a lot of pain in his chest at its worst.

But he had it pretty bad. One of his lungs had collapsed and the lymphatic system in his lungs was also almost completely choked by melanoma. Cancer in the lungs has to be pretty bad before you'll notice any symptoms. That's one of the reasons lung cancer is so dangerous.

So it's probably just a cold! :)

Hi MovingOn! long see no time! as you know, im a current Warrior of the Lung battlefield, and having multiple tumors mainly MM in size and "sub" mm sizes and a couple CM ones as well, i have roughly 4 or 5 in left lung & same in right {i dont bother keeping track till were down to a few} and as alot of you know, i just had Lung surgery to remove the Mel Monster 8.0cm thats like 3inches! scans prior showed it as 5.7cm, my surgeon said the machines get close but not exact! i was like WTF? thats waaaaay Off! anyways, before my surgery, my breathing was just fine, like our fellow member said {forgot name} its gotta be REALLY bad to start having problems, mainly when it hits lymphnodes badley and if it creeps up your wind pipes {throat area} and fluid build up starts to happen {then usually Pnumonia starts...Good luck on yer scans, keep us informed!

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..