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Do the dermatologists know if it’s melanoma without biopsy?

Do the dermatologists know if it’s melanoma without biopsy?

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12/6/2018 3:43pm
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I had my appointment today and the derm just looked at the mole and then looked at it with those glasses things on she diagnosed it as an atypical Nevus. Is it possible she’s wrong or am I just still freaking out for no reason

A derm can look at the mole and make an educated guess. However if you have a question about a mole get it biopsied. My derm at Mayo Clinic said if you go to a derm and say you are nervous about a mole they should biopsy the thing immediately-they will have the biopsy done in the same amount of time it takes you to read this post. When I’m doubt cut it out. As a side note my derm looked at my mole that I thought was suspicious and she told me not to worry about it-that her son had the exact same mole-2 years later, i insisted it get biopsied and guess what to her and my surprise it was melanoma-stage 3B. Bottom line get it biopsied

I could not agree more. All of mine have been atypical in appearance and "nothing to worry about". For piece of mind - bet it biopsied.


My opinion is no.  My oncologist said no and when I switched derms the new derm said no.  Get it biopsied just in case.  What's the worst thing if you are wrong- you have a path report that says it wasn't melanoma and a bill to pay.

Good wishes to you