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Dirty dozen

Dirty dozen

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10/9/2019 6:01am
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Hi everyone. Haven't been posting much lately, but I keep tabs on everyone, every day , as I always have. Laughing, crying, rooting you all on in your fight. I feel like I know most of you, and certainly feel your tragedy, and triumphs. And the incredible support, advice,education and love on this forum makes this a special place.
Today I got the results of a biopsy from last week. Melanoma insitu on the tragus of my left ear. That's primary number 12 for me, and the 8th insitu in a row. This lesion came on fast and looked angry. Quickly failed every aspect of the abcde rule. Its speed of evolution had me concerned pretty quick. So it's in a tricky spot for the wide excision, and my normal surgeon for wide excision is referring me out to a surgical oncologist, and plastic guy. He mentioned to me that hopefully the rest of the lesion would remain insitu since we just punched a small part of it. It covers the entire tragus. I'm thinking I'm in for the most radical wide excision of my time chasing this persistent pest.
Starting with a new team, oncologist, pcp and the new surgeons. Still pressing to rule out mets to the epidermis, but can't seem to raise any eyebrows yet. It's a long road navigating the system. Feels long
Anyone with information on what I'm likely to encounter with this round, I'm all ears. At leat at the moment, since keeping the left ear I've been told may be questionable, as well as part of my face. It's my most photogenic side too!

You're all not far from my thoughts....ever.

We are one.

Bubbles - (10/9/2019 - 8:39am)

Oh, Bob!! I am sorry. But you did make me laugh out loud! (All ears! HA! Gotta love melanoma humor, right?) I don't have any words of wisdom. I do know that wonders can be done with prosthetics these days - if that is something you will be facing or interested in. Hoping that this new team will be just what you need for a new perspective, excellent skills, and a stellar game plan to get you OUT of this groove. A dirty dozen is more than enough!!! Lots of love and luck. Keep us posted and hang tough like you always do!!! celeste

mandyjill - (10/9/2019 - 9:36am)

Love your sense of humor. Prayers for the best possible result with your upcoming WLE.